Möbius (2012 – 2021)

Möbius is a series of photographs that draw on familiar places encountered during the course of many of my routine roundtrip walking, running and driving routes in disparate locales. The title recalls the mathematical concept of the Möbius strip – a half-twisted, looped surface that can be traversed in one continuous path, but – after one rotation – will lead the traveler to appear on the opposite side of the surface on which they started  – requiring another trip around the strip to return to the actual starting point.

I use the strip as metaphor for the journey, and the possibility of returning to a familiar place only to find it has transformed, leading to a questioning of that place. In trying to evoke the tension between the demarcated, static place that may be indicated by boundaries and the living, breathing, evolving character of the place that is signaled by the passing of time, I make photographs that depict natural, human made, and combined physical systems that envision various states of being: stasis, growth, and entropy. Images are divided into various sections that veer towards typologies of familiar scenes. The pictures tend to anonymize and obfuscate specific place, as such viewers are invited to imagine which images come from our reality and which come from the imagined alternate side of the Möbius strip. 

This sporadic, sprawling project started in 2012 and will continue at least through, and possibly beyond 2021.