Shoot. It has been a minute. My research has slowed for the summer, I recently completed my graduate degree and have been traveling (Maine, Chicago, Tennessee), avoiding books for a few weeks but still ingesting as much music (and podcasts) as I can.


  • Steve Hauschildt: Dissolvi
  • Blanck Mass: House vs. House
  • Weyes Blood: Titanic Rising
  • Tennger: Spiritual 2 (some context for this one – I first put it on while driving on a 2 lane backroad in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The rain was pouring, it was about 2 pm and I’d only had half a cup of coffee for the day what had seemed like an eternity ago. Wanting to power straight through the 5 hour drive I was on and running on fumes already from a meager breakfast, the music put me in an almost trance-like state as soon as it started. I almost had to pull over, my head felt a good 2 feet above my body. I don’t know if it was the possible caffeine withdrawal, the empty stomach, rain storm, constantly changing altitude – none of these things normally would effect me. I’ve since listened to the album with no physiological effects, but for a minute I wasn’t sure if I could play it again.)

Look (at a few of my favorite NC based painters):