Skee Mask – Compro

Painting Photography Painting – Carol Armstrong

“A white, male, German artist, deceased in 2010, who came of age in the years of European Pop, Polke was known for his combining of materials and mediums—photographic, digital, textile, draughtsmanly, printerly and painterly—under the larger medium-umbrella of painting. But what does it mean to say that? The answer lies, still, within the institutional definition of painting, as well as in painting’s recent history. Which is to say that “painting” is still considered the primary medium in art museums and art schools, the one under whose heading large, ambitious work is made, and in which what we might call “material thought” of the first order is understood to take place—in which facture and techne are put to the service, not of craft alone or technique per se, but of some kind of thinking. Which also means that hybridity of this kind has now come to be seen as painting’s, rather than photography’s, province.