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Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch 

Angélique Kidjo – Remain in Light 

Paleontologist Peter Ward – Are We Headed Into Another Mass Extinction? 

RAZ: So how are humans different from, you know, all these other species that have gone extinct in the past?

WARD: Oh, humans – come on. We have the golden ticket. We’re able to put a coat on if it gets cold. And we’re able to build air conditioners if it’s too hot. So I think we are essentially extinction-proof. And I fight this concept that we are endangered.

I think we are the least-endangered species on the planet in many respects simply because we have not just the experience but the intelligence to deal with so many of these challenges. And I just think we are going to be the long-term survivals. Now, happiness might be something else.

RAZ: Yeah. I mean, what kind of planet will we survive on, right?

WARD: Well, there’s that. I mean, you certainly see all the post-apocalyptic thrillers and the depressing sort of looks into the future. But it really doesn’t need to be that way. I think we’re just going to see an increasingly manicured planet, an increasingly ordered planet where the wild becomes not wild at all. It’s managed wild.

Human civilization – there’s no reason that we just can’t continue for millions of years into the present with just a modicum of civilization and technology. You can get around this stuff through intelligence.